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Driver of Development and Economic Growth in the Community

The Office of Applied Research and Innovation (OARI) coordinates all of the applied research activities conducted at La Cité. Applied research became a priority at La Cité in 2008. Since then, many initiatives were put in place so that applied research would contribute to innovation at the local level through a concrete vision for development: “La Cité will be the key player in applied research at the college level in order to support the economy in Ottawa in the areas of expertise of bio-innovation, smart prototyping, social innovation, and food processing.”

We Can Help You

By teaming up with us, you can expect the following:

  • Co-funding from public and private funds
  • Intellectual property transferred to businesses
  • To contribute to training a skilled, bilingual workforce
  • To obtain preferential access to potential interns and future professionals

Your Projects Give Our Students the Opportunity to:

  • Work on a broad range of real projects with cutting-edge technology
  • Contribute to research in the field of study about which they are passionate

In addition, our professors, in participating in the projects, keep up to date and broaden their knowledge.

Office of Applied Research and Innovation (OARI) Team

Nathalie Méthot

Nathalie Méthot

Director, Office of Applied Research and Innovation

613-742-2483, ext.: 2039

Ghita Ibnou-Jala

Ghita Ibnou-Jala

Project Officer

613-742-2483, ext.: 2470

Mylène Cousineau

Mylène Cousineau

Supervisor, Finance and Administration

Mouna Hannouch

Mouna Hannouch

Financial Management Officer


Carole Beauchamp

Carole Beauchamp

Office clerk

613-742-2483, ext.: 2035

We Are Waiting to Help You Achieve Your Project!

For more information, contact the Office of Applied Research and Innovation:

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801 Aviation Parkway
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 4R3

Tel.: 613-742-2483, ext.: 2775 or
1-800-267-2483, ext.: 2775